Fitting in your palm, these WiFi routers require no mounting hardware aside from the included 3/16" Masonary screws and are an inconspicuous way to build mesh networks in any enviroment.


Simply provide your preferred WiFi network name and Meta Mesh builds your custom firmware for compatible operation on the PittMesh Community Network or third party OLSR-enabled network. Simply install and mesh!


Add one or one hundred at a time, no centralized server software or management required. Simply put an AP150 Mesh Router up in range of one another, and they will begin meshing with no additional configuration.

Start your own Community Wireless Network Today!


Building a Community Wireless Network has always been difficult. We know, Meta Mesh has been doing it for 3 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Based on hundreds of hours of installation and configuration of a variety of mesh-networking solutions, we have real-world knowledge of what makes a good WiFi router. And now Meta Mesh is providing two WiFi routers that makes building a decentralized Community Wireless Network incredibly simple.

Easily install either the AP150 or A150 and start your own mesh network or choose our pre-built PittMesh image to join the United States' fastest-growing Community Wireless Network if you live in our hometown, Pittsburgh!

Build public WiFi in your community by sharing your excess Internet bandwidth by plugging in these routers to your Internet gateway or extend the PittMesh network in your area by simply powering the device without connecting it to your own network - Either way, you are part of the solution to bringing Public WiFi to your neighborhood and bridging the Digital Divide!

Meta Mesh AP150

  • Watertight Enclosure
  • Maximum power: 63 mW Transmit Power
  • PoE WAN Port and 48v PoE injector included
  • Secondary LAN port to attach remote network equiptment
  • RP-SMA Antenna connector
  • Included 9 dBi omnidirectional antenna
  • Optional run of outdoor-rated STP Ethernet Cable
  • Serves WiFi on a street for up to one block
  • Meshes with A150 Wirelessly or over Ethernet

Meta Mesh A150

  • Small footprint for use on a desk or on a window sill
  • Maximum power: 63 mW Transmit Power
  • Power-sipping 5v 1a via included USB micro power supply
  • Secondary for mesh-accessable hardware
  • RP-SMA Antenna connector
  • Included 6 dBi omnidirectional antenna
  • Serves WiFi access for up to three floors in a small home
  • Meshes with AP150 wirelessly or over Ethernet