About Us

This webstore is operated by MetaMesh Wireless Communities. Please check out our Main Site!

Meta Mesh:

Originally founded as Meta Mesh LLC in 2012, the company transitioned to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in late 2015. Now officially Meta Mesh Wireless Communities (we still go by Meta Mesh for short), the organization works with communities and the unincorporated, volunteer run, Pittmesh Working Group to build Community Wireless Networks in Pittsburgh, PA and anywhere else our services and knowledge are needed. We work with neighborhoods to expand, understand, and utilize the PittMesh Community Wireless Network as well as sell pre-configured hardware and write grants to support community groups to build their own networks— even if they are not branded as "PittMesh."

Meta Mesh’s Goals:

First, to make Community Wireless Networks so simple that almost any non-technical person can build, maintain, and expand them. This means writing documentation, streamlining solutions, and educating people so that they can build their own networks without the need for an IT company. ISPs, while essential for national and international communication, end up forcing regular people to lease their ability to communicate with each other from a large corporation. When Meta Mesh teaches communities to build their own networks we empower communities with ubiquitous wireless communication independent (but able to access) the Internet.


Second, to build a wireless mesh network in our hometown of Pittsburgh called PittMesh. PittMesh serves as an example of how to build a mesh network in a specific geographic area that has websites and services built on top of the network. PittMesh is a standalone wireless network that exists parallel to the Internet and will remain up should Internet access go down. Meta Mesh does not own or manage PittMesh; users and node hosts own and manage PittMesh. And while Meta Mesh offers services on the network, it has no mandatory centralized control over it. This is what separates a Community Wireless Network from any other centralized WiFi network- even if it is public and in a neighborhood.