After 4 years of installing Community Wireless Networks in Pittsburgh, Meta Mesh Wireless Communities has designed the AP150 with real-world knowledge. The AP150 is the result of this knowledge: compact, pre-configured, and scalable, Meta Mesh’s first router uses GL-iNet’s tiny AR150 mainboard enclosed in an easy-to-install watertight case that ensures snow and rain will not effect the electronics of this outdoor-rated router.
Using it's 63 mW of transmit power, the AP150 allows for numerous configurations with its RP-SMA antenna connector. The included 9 dBi antenna can be removed and replaced with another design such as a semi-directional antenna or a long-distance point-to-point parabolic dish or yagi antenna.

No one likes running cables. So we combined the data and power cables typically used to run a router and combined them. And for a small additional fee we’ll include a Cat5e STP outdoor-rated Ethernet cable for your installation. Simply drill a hole, run the pre-crimped cable through, and caulk it back up.

The PoE injector comes with the standard 48 volt for the 802.3af specification. You won’t need to purchase any proprietary connectors or injectors to power the AP150!

The AP150 includes a secondary Ethernet port for use with a sensor network, security camera, or for doing maintenance of the router. Included (but not pictured) is an RJ45 jack plug to keep dirt and moisture out of the spare LAN connector.
While it is difficult to predict how far WiFi will be usable in a particular environment, generally, these routers have a maximum range of about one city block or about 300 feet under ideal conditions. If you or a neighbor installs another A150 or AP150 in that area with clear line of sight between the devices, you should be able to mesh wirelessly between them and begin building your own mesh network!

Finally, the AP150 comes with built-in security. Firewall rules protect your home network’s equipment from being accessed by users on the mesh network. While any user connected to the mesh WiFi SSID, will be visible to the rest of the mesh, your home network will not be. Any requests to access your home network’s computers will be immediately dropped- so rest assured! 

Repeater vs Gateway, whats the difference?

Gateway - In gateway configuration, the router would not only repeat the signal for the PittMesh network, but also provide Internet access to fellow PittMesh members. This router would connect to your network, unlike the repeater configuration.

Repeater - In repeater configuration, the router acts almost as a "signal booster" to our network. It wouldn't be connected to your network, but it would connect to PittMesh, and it would repeat the signal for the area. This configuration would also be able to access the internet through other PittMesh Routers.

Why do I need to choose an SSID?

The PittMesh network uses various SSIDs on the network to better manage and troubleshoot different nodes. Our normal format is as follows:


All SSIDs that are part of the PittMesh network have the prefix PittMesh-.

The next line, "YourLocation", is normally the address that the node is installed at, without spaces. Example: 744EWarringtonAve (You can leave this as "anonymous" at checkout if you prefer to not have your address in the SSID!)

The last section, 240*, shows what frequency the device is operating at, and also shows which device is broadcasting. For example, our indoor router, being the first router, would be 2401 and our outdoor router would be 2402. The 24 stands for 2.4 GHz, and the 01-99 depends on how many of our devices you are hosting at your location.

Ethernet Ports 2x Fast Ethernet (100M) Ethernet Ports
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz b/g/n
Operating System OpenWRT 14.07 Barrier Breaker
Power 5v @ 1A PoE (Requires 48V PoE Injector)
USB 1x USB 2.0 Port (Inside Case)
Antenna 1x 9 dBi Omni Directional Antenna
Case 1x Outdoor Rugged PittMesh Case
Flash Memory 16 MB
Chipset Atheros AR9331 SoC

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AP150 (Discontinued)

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